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Hi! I'm [livejournal.com profile] slidellra and I am filled with glee. I love due South-style romance, I love the talent and awesomeness on this team, and I love how we're going to crush Team Angst under our sweet, loving, tender boots.

Soon, China and Sage will give us dialogue prompts, and then we'll have about four weeks to complete our stories. We're writing individually, but this is a team effort; team brainstorming, beta assistance from the team, all of us working together to make Team Romance shine.

Anybody who believes in our cause but didn't make the 17-person cut can volunteer to write backup fic. That would be WONDERFUL and very welcome, as we'd have alternate fic on the off chance a writer can't meet her prompt after all, and we can post the extra fic at the end of the challenge. It will shock you all, but, in general, I am very much in favor of more fic.

Soon we'll start brainstorming and fic-discussing, and all such discussion needs to be f-locked, because I know quite a few members of Team Angst (I am, in fact, staying with one RIGHT NOW), and I can tell you firsthand that they are sneaky, devious, and not at all above spying on our brilliant, sweet, and lovely discussions and using them for their own advantage. Shocking, I know. This means that everybody on Team Romance does need to JOIN this community.

To get warmed up, we'll be doing some getting-to-know-you stuff (leading each other around with blindfolds on, falling backwards into your team's arms with your eyes closed, the usual) and some writing fun along the lines of a drabble tree.

First, how about a slightly used inspirational picspam? I posted this mini-picspam in my journal while drumming for sign-ups a couple of days ago, but, hey, this is another case where I am in favor of MORE and AGAIN.
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I mean. WOW. This has been called "their wedding portrait" and "their prom picture." I think you can see why.

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Awwwwwwww. Small touches, YES! ♥

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Oh, yeah. I'm going to be begging hoping for some Ray/Ray romance. Also, [livejournal.com profile] mergatrude has promised to send Tim Tams to anyone who writes it. I bet Tim Tams are tasty. I think you want some of your very own.

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That dirty Mountie. He is so happy.

Second, have some questions:

1. While engaged in goodnatured team rivalry, I seem to have unilaterally decided that Dief is our team mascot. Dief the matchmaker, Dief the florist, Dief the sweet-toothed. What do you think? Alternative suggestions accepted with glee.

2. How long have you been writing in due South?

3. Do you usually write romantic fic, would you say?

4. On a scale from A LOT to OMG SO MUCH to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, how much do our boys love each other?

5. Will we destroy Team Angst with kindness, porniness, sweetness, or humor? Will we bring them to their knees with the power of love?

ETA: Oh, and how about posting a link to your fic? Share your work with the rest of us.
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