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Hey there, you wonderful people!

How to submit your story

When your story is ready to submit, please check the following:

1. The story ends with the word "END". That way we know we've received the whole thing.
2. The story is LJ-ready.
3. The story is in a plain text or MS Word file. Do NOT paste your story directly into an email.
4. You have completed the following header details. (Headers will be standardised to this template. Author name will be suppressed until Reveal Day.)

Note: If the story is too long to post to LJ in one post, we'll put it up on Sage's site in a standard format. After the reveal we'll change the links to point to your own sites if you prefer.

WHEN THE STORY AND HEADER ARE COMPLETE send your story as an attachment directly to me (china_shop @ livejournaldotcom). In the subject line, put "ds_match story Team Romance". Make sure the email includes your LJ username, just to make sure I don't get confused.

I'll acknowledge receipt of your story. Then you can relax, sit back and enjoy the show! \o/ \o/ \o/

*cheers and blows trumpets of excitement and yay*

What happens next

After the deadline, Sage and I will take a couple of days to sort ourselves out, and then we'll begin posting the stories, two a day: Sage will post the Angst story for prompt A and I'll post the Romance story for the same prompt A on the same day.

Stories will be posted to [ profile] ds_flashfiction. (We decided to keep them there because a) DS Match is a special [ profile] ds_flashfiction special event, and b) the comm is already read by lots of people and we want as many people as possible to read and enjoy and vote on your stories.)

Stories are posted anonymously to keep the voting fair. (See [ profile] mcshep_match to see this in action, in the SGA version of this challenge.)

Encouraging, bribing and exhorting your flists -- within the bounds of fair play and good sportspersonship -- to vote for your team's story is entirely acceptable and encouraged.

Once all the stories are posted, Sage and I will take another couple of days (during which any previously unposted challenge fic will be released) to tally the scores, and then we'll have Reveal Day, on which author's names are revealed and the scores are announced. \o/ \o/ \o/

Finally, in response to a question from Team Angst about the dialogue prompts: prompts can be said or thought by one of the characters in the story. This is a slight variation from the original rules. Apologies for any inconvenience.

And finally finally -- yay for all of you! This challenge is ROCKING!!! Go Team Romance!!!
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