Sep. 20th, 2007

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The prompts will be available on Monday, so we have a nice little handful of days left to play around and get ourselves in fighting/loving trim. How's about we start off with one of those drabble trees, eh?

1. I'll kick it off with a little bit o' writing.
2. You guys can reply to that with your own little bit o' writing that plays with something from the first (a line, a phrase, a scene, mood).
3. The next drabblers can reply to any of the above comments, and so on. Until we have a lovely, sturdy, romantic tree, with many ficcish branches all growing out of the first comment.

Have fun! Despite the name, for this drabble tree any length goes. Comment two, four, as many times as you like. Feel the romance, baby.
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Guess what!! The lovely and brilliant [ profile] sdwolfpup has made Team VIDS to help get Team Angst and Team Romance inspired!! Here's yours, Team Romance!! ♥

Team Romance - Mountolat
File size & type: 31 MB DivX AVI
Music: Chocolat movie trailer
Source: "Pilot" and "One Good Man"
Vid by: SDWolfpup
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Hey guys! Posting here on the urging of the boss *salutes [ profile] slidellra*

See those loins? Gird 'em )

ETA 2: Music currently uploaded can be found here (thanks [ profile] caersmane), here (thanks [ profile] brynnmck) and then this bunch of stuff from me:

Magnetic Fields:
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
Asleep And Dreaming (played this at our wedding)
Papa Was A Rodeo
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Washington D.C.
The Book of Love
When My Boy Walks Down The Street

Don't Wake Me Up
Golden Dawn

Kirsty MacColl
They Don't Know About Us
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Whee! We're getting close, we're getting warmed up, and we're going to rock this thing.

1. The drabble tree is awesome, but needs you and your genius to make it fuller and bushier and verdant and all. We've tended to the wonderfully longish so far, but writing of any length is very welcome. Also, where's the Fraser/Vecchio love?

2. At this comm, most pimpable stuff (interview memes, drabble tree) should be open and most squee and plotting and seekrit discussions should be flocked. You guys are encouraged to post, suggest topics of discussion, add Team Romance art, or any such participatory action.

3. We need backup writers on our team! Backup writers are awesome because, on the extremely tiny and improbable chance that anybody can't make their fic deadline, a backup writer could already have fic written for that prompt. If no such need arises, we get to enjoy their fic at the end of the challenge. Seriously, WHAT is better than that? Feel free to poke your friends in the ribs until they volunteer to be backup writers for Team Romance.

4. Anybody who hasn't already introduced themself at the first getting to know you post can do so in this post, as can anybody who is or wants to be a backup writer. Hi! *beckons*

The getting to know you questions are behind the cut )

In conclusion, the competition will be fierce, but Team Romance has LOVE and KISSING on its side. We're going to kick some angsty ass. *beams*


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