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Today's the big day! In a very short time, we'll be posting the first of the DS Match stories! *rubs hands together excitedly* Are you ready?

Before we get started, here are some rules of play:

1. You must not vote or comment on stories from your own team. This applies even if you are a backup writer or have dropped out. You're more than welcome to discuss, admire and squee about your team's stories in locked posts here in your team comm.

2. You must not vote on stories from the opposing team. However, you're more than welcome to comment (politely) on stories from the other team, and to speculate about who wrote them.

3. You're more than welcome to point, prod or push your friends over to read and vote, and should feel free to pimp your team's efforts as madly as you like. *g* That said, please don't make a special fuss on the day it's your story. Discretion is the better part of anonymity.

4. You may want to use LJ's subscription facility to track comment notifications on your story when it's posted.

5. Only the mod making each post will be able to see the poll results, and she won't be sharing them with the teams or non-participants in any way. Please don't ask how your team is doing. We can't say.

In conclusion: You all rock like crazy rocking things! \♥/ \♥/ \♥/
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