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Hey guys! Posting here on the urging of the boss *salutes [ profile] slidellra*

Don't know if you're all aware but BATTLE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN. It's all the other team's fault, of course, because we are sweetness and light and puppies gambolling in the fields making friends with the baby baa lambs ...

Where was I?

Oh. Yes. So battle has been raging from one end of lj to the other and we are starting to divide up our goods and chattels as we prepare for WAR.

This is where we're at so far:

Language: Team Romance - French (the language of love, my little cauliflower), Team Angst - German (the language of nihilism - kinda).

Alcoholic beverages (see how we get the important stuff in first?): Team Romance - champagne (mais, naturellement, parce que nous sommes Francais - and that's about the sum total of my French ability so let's settle for Pepe le Peu-style accents), Team Angst - German beer (but that's lager, I said, you want bitter).

Under discussion:

Clothes: Team Romance - Long sweepy dresses, trenchcoats, velvet, soft, brown leather, Team Angst - black leather and stompy boots

Music: Ah, well this is one of the places we need to trounce them. They can have all the whiny complaint-rock they like. We get every single tune that has ever made anyone happy ever, as well as soppy ballads and most of the musical genre as well as the whole of the classical genre termed Romantic (the clue is in the word). [ profile] qe2 reckons we get punk. [ profile] nos4a2no9 (hisssss, she's behind you! - sorry, my Britishness coming out there) says Team Angst get post-punk, grunge and the blues.

What do we need? We need a theme tune. And romantic mixes. Let's blow these leetle angst-muffins out of the water with our musical choices.

We also need more things to fight about. What's a battle without arguments? Thoughts on what we've got so far? Ideas on what we can steal next? Bring 'em on.

ETA: [ profile] qe2 also reckons we get red wine and dark chocolate. Which I agree is very romantic, even if they trigger a migraine because then someone gets to smooth back your hair as you throw up into the toilet. Oh, I'm a delight, for sure.

ETA 2: Music currently uploaded can be found here (thanks [ profile] caersmane), here (thanks [ profile] brynnmck) and then this bunch of stuff from me:

Magnetic Fields:
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
Asleep And Dreaming (played this at our wedding)
Papa Was A Rodeo
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Washington D.C.
The Book of Love
When My Boy Walks Down The Street

Don't Wake Me Up
Golden Dawn

Kirsty MacColl
They Don't Know About Us
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