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Whee! We're getting close, we're getting warmed up, and we're going to rock this thing.

1. The drabble tree is awesome, but needs you and your genius to make it fuller and bushier and verdant and all. We've tended to the wonderfully longish so far, but writing of any length is very welcome. Also, where's the Fraser/Vecchio love?

2. At this comm, most pimpable stuff (interview memes, drabble tree) should be open and most squee and plotting and seekrit discussions should be flocked. You guys are encouraged to post, suggest topics of discussion, add Team Romance art, or any such participatory action.

3. We need backup writers on our team! Backup writers are awesome because, on the extremely tiny and improbable chance that anybody can't make their fic deadline, a backup writer could already have fic written for that prompt. If no such need arises, we get to enjoy their fic at the end of the challenge. Seriously, WHAT is better than that? Feel free to poke your friends in the ribs until they volunteer to be backup writers for Team Romance.

4. Anybody who hasn't already introduced themself at the first getting to know you post can do so in this post, as can anybody who is or wants to be a backup writer. Hi! *beckons*

The getting to know you questions are

1. While engaged in goodnatured team rivalry, I seem to have unilaterally decided that Dief is our team mascot. Dief the matchmaker, Dief the florist, Dief the sweet-toothed. What do you think? Alternative suggestions accepted with glee.

2. How long have you been writing in due South?

3. Do you usually write romantic fic, would you say?

4. On a scale from A LOT to OMG SO MUCH to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, how much do our boys love each other?

5. Will we destroy Team Angst with kindness, porniness, sweetness, or humor? Will we bring them to their knees with the power of love?

6. Oh, and how about posting a link to your fic? Share your work with the rest of us.

In conclusion, the competition will be fierce, but Team Romance has LOVE and KISSING on its side. We're going to kick some angsty ass. *beams*
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