Sep. 23rd, 2007

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We at Team Romance were pondering why Team Angst is so, well, angsty, and we thought we'd try our hand at cheering them up. Because we're generous like that, and because we care.

We had hoped our gorgeously romantic drabble tree might do it, but no, Team Angst still seemed pretty down in the dumps. So we wrote them love bombs letters. Again, because we care.

And then we thought it might be a fun warm-up for Team Root to check out some of our anonymous brilliance. I can neither confirm nor deny anything, but it is entirely possible that not all members of our team wrote for this project of mercy, and that some members wrote more than once. It is also possible that Team Romance is the coolest ever.

1 love letters
2 love letters
3 love letters
4 love letters
5 love letters
6 love letters
7 love letters
8 love letters
9 love letters
10 love letters
11 love letters
12 love letters
13 love letters
14 love letters
15 love letters
16 love letters
17 love letters
18 love letters

In conclusion, even though we love them so very much, Team Angst is toast. ♥


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