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LJ has deleted and purged at least one comm ([ profile] ds_match) it deemed inactive, even though there were posts there, so this is a comm-is-still-active post.

Apologies for the spam.
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due to me finding out that [ profile] ds_match has been deleted and purged due to inactivity, I'm just posting this so this comm appears active and will be left alone.

Going to do this to a couple, so sorry if spam.
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Hey there, people!

Author's names have been revealed! You're now free to pimp your (and others') fic on your LJ, reply to comments and bask in the glory. We only ask that, as with other [ profile] ds_flashfiction challenges, you please refrain from re-posting your stories elsewhere until the challenge officially closes on Monday.

If you'd like me to edit in author's notes, comment here or drop me a line.

In conclusion: YAY TEAM ROMANCE!!!!!!!! GO TEAM ROMANCE!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
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Today's the big day! In a very short time, we'll be posting the first of the DS Match stories! *rubs hands together excitedly* Are you ready?

Before we get started, here are some rules of play:

1. You must not vote or comment on stories from your own team. This applies even if you are a backup writer or have dropped out. You're more than welcome to discuss, admire and squee about your team's stories in locked posts here in your team comm.

2. You must not vote on stories from the opposing team. However, you're more than welcome to comment (politely) on stories from the other team, and to speculate about who wrote them.

3. You're more than welcome to point, prod or push your friends over to read and vote, and should feel free to pimp your team's efforts as madly as you like. *g* That said, please don't make a special fuss on the day it's your story. Discretion is the better part of anonymity.

4. You may want to use LJ's subscription facility to track comment notifications on your story when it's posted.

5. Only the mod making each post will be able to see the poll results, and she won't be sharing them with the teams or non-participants in any way. Please don't ask how your team is doing. We can't say.

In conclusion: You all rock like crazy rocking things! \♥/ \♥/ \♥/
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All Team Romance stories present and accounted for!

Backup fic still more than welcome. :-)

*showers you all with sparkles and glee*
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Hey there, you wonderful people!

How to submit your story )

What happens next )

Finally, in response to a question from Team Angst about the dialogue prompts: prompts can be said or thought by one of the characters in the story. This is a slight variation from the original rules. Apologies for any inconvenience.

And finally finally -- yay for all of you! This challenge is ROCKING!!! Go Team Romance!!!
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The lovely and talented [ profile] j_s_cavalcante has made Team Romance art! VERY inspiring, VERY romantic, VERY full-frontal nude F/K artwork. *beams at everyone*

Link goes to JS's gallery. Click image to enlarge. Embrace.

*is inspired*
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The lovely and brilliant [ profile] caersmane made art for our poor friends suffering away on Team Angst, and for everybody else who might be interested in Chicago cop/Mountie love. Because she cares.

Pretties )
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Those generous gals on Team Angst bought all the members of Team Romance Vgifts for their LJs! Wasn't that sweet? I got a box of tissues—just the prompt I needed to kick out a bunch of romantic little ficlets and limber up the ol' writing muscles for the challenge.

Pre-challenge romance fic in my journal:

High School AU, Wedding fic, Kid!fic, Genderbender, PWP (sort of)

Music Post

Sep. 29th, 2007 11:53 am
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Hi guys! I uploaded a bunch of songs over at my journal and thought I'd share the love.



Sep. 26th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Aloha! :) I am slowly making icons for the lovely Team Romance, since I lack talent in other areas. I've done eight, so I decided to post them because.. um, I am impatient. I used the pictures used in the picspam of the first posts here, then one more each for each pairing.

Hope you like. :D )
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We at Team Romance were pondering why Team Angst is so, well, angsty, and we thought we'd try our hand at cheering them up. Because we're generous like that, and because we care.

We had hoped our gorgeously romantic drabble tree might do it, but no, Team Angst still seemed pretty down in the dumps. So we wrote them love bombs letters. Again, because we care.

And then we thought it might be a fun warm-up for Team Root to check out some of our anonymous brilliance. I can neither confirm nor deny anything, but it is entirely possible that not all members of our team wrote for this project of mercy, and that some members wrote more than once. It is also possible that Team Romance is the coolest ever.

1 love letters
2 love letters
3 love letters
4 love letters
5 love letters
6 love letters
7 love letters
8 love letters
9 love letters
10 love letters
11 love letters
12 love letters
13 love letters
14 love letters
15 love letters
16 love letters
17 love letters
18 love letters

In conclusion, even though we love them so very much, Team Angst is toast. ♥
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YAY! Somebody awesome made us a banner, but I am less than awesome and don't know how to put it up there. Any team member want to take charge of the comm prettification?

ETA: Sage saved the day and put the banner up, and I was able to fiddle with the colors a bit, but this is maybe not one of my greatest strengths, so anybody with a bit more aptitude than I is more than welcome to take over the prettification process.

ETA 2: And the awesome banner-making somebody is [ profile] bingbulette. *applauds wildly*
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Whee! We're getting close, we're getting warmed up, and we're going to rock this thing.

1. The drabble tree is awesome, but needs you and your genius to make it fuller and bushier and verdant and all. We've tended to the wonderfully longish so far, but writing of any length is very welcome. Also, where's the Fraser/Vecchio love?

2. At this comm, most pimpable stuff (interview memes, drabble tree) should be open and most squee and plotting and seekrit discussions should be flocked. You guys are encouraged to post, suggest topics of discussion, add Team Romance art, or any such participatory action.

3. We need backup writers on our team! Backup writers are awesome because, on the extremely tiny and improbable chance that anybody can't make their fic deadline, a backup writer could already have fic written for that prompt. If no such need arises, we get to enjoy their fic at the end of the challenge. Seriously, WHAT is better than that? Feel free to poke your friends in the ribs until they volunteer to be backup writers for Team Romance.

4. Anybody who hasn't already introduced themself at the first getting to know you post can do so in this post, as can anybody who is or wants to be a backup writer. Hi! *beckons*

The getting to know you questions are behind the cut )

In conclusion, the competition will be fierce, but Team Romance has LOVE and KISSING on its side. We're going to kick some angsty ass. *beams*
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Hey guys! Posting here on the urging of the boss *salutes [ profile] slidellra*

See those loins? Gird 'em )

ETA 2: Music currently uploaded can be found here (thanks [ profile] caersmane), here (thanks [ profile] brynnmck) and then this bunch of stuff from me:

Magnetic Fields:
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
Asleep And Dreaming (played this at our wedding)
Papa Was A Rodeo
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Washington D.C.
The Book of Love
When My Boy Walks Down The Street

Don't Wake Me Up
Golden Dawn

Kirsty MacColl
They Don't Know About Us
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Guess what!! The lovely and brilliant [ profile] sdwolfpup has made Team VIDS to help get Team Angst and Team Romance inspired!! Here's yours, Team Romance!! ♥

Team Romance - Mountolat
File size & type: 31 MB DivX AVI
Music: Chocolat movie trailer
Source: "Pilot" and "One Good Man"
Vid by: SDWolfpup
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The prompts will be available on Monday, so we have a nice little handful of days left to play around and get ourselves in fighting/loving trim. How's about we start off with one of those drabble trees, eh?

1. I'll kick it off with a little bit o' writing.
2. You guys can reply to that with your own little bit o' writing that plays with something from the first (a line, a phrase, a scene, mood).
3. The next drabblers can reply to any of the above comments, and so on. Until we have a lovely, sturdy, romantic tree, with many ficcish branches all growing out of the first comment.

Have fun! Despite the name, for this drabble tree any length goes. Comment two, four, as many times as you like. Feel the romance, baby.

Team Icons

Sep. 18th, 2007 03:06 pm
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Just the three boys...

Team Romance )
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Hi! I'm [ profile] slidellra and I am filled with glee. I love due South-style romance, I love the talent and awesomeness on this team, and I love how we're going to crush Team Angst under our sweet, loving, tender boots.

Soon, China and Sage will give us dialogue prompts, and then we'll have about four weeks to complete our stories. We're writing individually, but this is a team effort; team brainstorming, beta assistance from the team, all of us working together to make Team Romance shine.

Anybody who believes in our cause but didn't make the 17-person cut can volunteer to write backup fic. That would be WONDERFUL and very welcome, as we'd have alternate fic on the off chance a writer can't meet her prompt after all, and we can post the extra fic at the end of the challenge. It will shock you all, but, in general, I am very much in favor of more fic.

Soon we'll start brainstorming and fic-discussing, and all such discussion needs to be f-locked, because I know quite a few members of Team Angst (I am, in fact, staying with one RIGHT NOW), and I can tell you firsthand that they are sneaky, devious, and not at all above spying on our brilliant, sweet, and lovely discussions and using them for their own advantage. Shocking, I know. This means that everybody on Team Romance does need to JOIN this community.

To get warmed up, we'll be doing some getting-to-know-you stuff (leading each other around with blindfolds on, falling backwards into your team's arms with your eyes closed, the usual) and some writing fun along the lines of a drabble tree.

First, how about a slightly used inspirational picspam? I posted this mini-picspam in my journal while drumming for sign-ups a couple of days ago, but, hey, this is another case where I am in favor of MORE and AGAIN. Love is in the air. )

Second, have some questions:

1. While engaged in goodnatured team rivalry, I seem to have unilaterally decided that Dief is our team mascot. Dief the matchmaker, Dief the florist, Dief the sweet-toothed. What do you think? Alternative suggestions accepted with glee.

2. How long have you been writing in due South?

3. Do you usually write romantic fic, would you say?

4. On a scale from A LOT to OMG SO MUCH to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, how much do our boys love each other?

5. Will we destroy Team Angst with kindness, porniness, sweetness, or humor? Will we bring them to their knees with the power of love?

ETA: Oh, and how about posting a link to your fic? Share your work with the rest of us.
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